Janis Priede, Roberts Skapars


Quality is a complex phenomenon and there exist no general accepted definition, which fits every purpose and all the complexities in teal economics.

While competitiveness of enterprises has been studied by many scholars around the world, competitiveness of nations is a relatively new discipline.

Studies of export competitiveness in the world markets are not new. Several attempts to evaluate export competitiveness have been made in the past, primarily in Eastern Europe. In Czechoslovakia, for example, a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the study was undertaken already in the 1960’s. Similar approach was used by World Bank studies of the price and quality competitiveness of exports by other authors in the late 1980‘s.

Quality competitiveness topic is still important and research in this field continuous. Researchers are using different methods to look at the quality of exports and its competitiveness. Researchers are developing different methods and indicators to measure quality competitiveness of exports, product differentiation and quality link to changes in exports, product-quality view, exporters behavior under quality constrains and other issues.

Authors in this paper will examine quality competitiveness of Latvia’s wood industry on example of main trade partners of wood and articles of wood.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.eis.0.5.1101


competitiveness; quality; export; wood

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