I. Barbare, J. Berzins


Seafaring profession has traditionally been considered a romantic profession among young people, but in today's labor market has dramatically changed priorities of career choices. At present, the maritime industry has more than 40 thousand vacancies, in addition to the growing trend. If the recent level of sailors (rating) applies for a job from Asia and other developing countries, than the shipping officers with University level are particularly difficult to recruit for crew shipping companies. Standard defines the profession demanding skippers and navigators. Latvia is in good situation in comparison with other EU countries - Latvia is the 5th place in Europe (13 thousand seamen), two Maritime Colleges and the Latvian Maritime Academy (LMA) with over 500 students. The European Commision sponsored project "Youth4JOB" is submitted under domain 2 of the Progress VP/2011/010 call, aimed at contributing to the implementation of the flagship initiative "Youth on the Move", in particular on the measures to promote the first transition for young people from education to the labour market. LMA is one of 10 partners on this project. At LMA, as an interesting distinctive action, we may mention the orientation efforts of the Academy with high school students to attract them in a sector with low unemployment rates and the job guidance and identification of opportunities during their training period. Latvian Maritime Academy presents the Case Study on “Job opportunities and vocational orientation and guidance in the Maritime sector” - in this case, LMA has highlighted the interesting data that they have to make efforts to attract young people to such studies, for a sector where there is almost no unemployment for professionals. The objective of the study was to use a variety of data collection and analysis methods: an analysis of policy documents, statistical data analysis, a secondary analysis of previous research, database analysis, telephone interviews, focus group discussions and expert discussions.



unemployment; labor market; career education; seafaring profession

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