Elina Radionova, Valerijs Praude


The purpose of research is to analyse and evaluate opportunities of using relationship marketing in online trading.

The objectives of research are to analyse scientific literature on the topic, to conduct a relationship marketing research, to make the internet trade industry analysis, to evaluate opportunities of using relationship marketing in online trading.

The methods of research are: theoretical analysis of scientific literature, experts’ survey and its statistical analysis.

In the course of time it becomes necessary to have long-term relationships between businesses and consumers. Many companies want not only to sell their products to the consumer just once, but also to make up a new relationship with them, to increase the level of loyalty to the company and its products in future. Therefore, it is necessary not only to "create" consumer`s base, but also to work to encourage consumers to re-purchase products. This means that there is a necessity in two-sided communication or relationship marketing.

The suitable environment for relationship marketing is online trading market, where communication is much faster and easier than in real life, and which influences the effectiveness of communication. In the EU digital market consumers also search for solutions to purchase as effective as it is possible. The author's research shows that online trading companies use relationship marketing in their activities.

The research results can be used in practice, which will help online trading industry, especially in the EU digital market, to communicate more efficiently with their customers, and use the existing databases more efficiently.



relationship marketing, online trading, marketing communications

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