• Ieva Brence RISEBA University of Applied Sciences
  • Juris Bogomazovs RISEBA University of Applied Sciences
Keywords: brand management, brand recognition Tex Mex products, food marketing, buying habits


The foundation of successful business relies on recognition and positive experience among customers. The article examines theory of the brand and how well it is recognized in the Latvian spice market, focusing on the Tex Mex production. The research in this field is important as the Latvian spice market is still growing and many different brands are offered by various manufacturers therefore the competition is tough and it is important to strengthen the market space of Tex Mex spices. Moreover, there is an increase in the European spice market, therefore the research results are important for the European spice market in general.

The purpose is to examine theoretical aspects of the brand and to evaluate the Tex Mex products’ brand recognition in Latvia.

The research novelty lays in the fact that a survey of 1011 Latvian residents is used, by analyzing their habits in Latvian spice market and, expecially the Tex Mex products.

The paper contains following research methods: theory analyses; document analyses and analysis of a survey involving A 1011 Latvian residents - 454 females and 557 males, age group 15-74.

The key results of the research: compared to the previous year, customers' attitude to the products of the brand Santa Maria Tex Mex has increased and currently Santa Maria is the market leader in Latvian Tex Mex products. At the same time more than half of Latvia’s people have never purchased Tex Mex products.To promote the visibility of the Tex Mex products, product tastings should be chosen as they provide further information to consumers.

Author Biography

Ieva Brence, RISEBA University of Applied Sciences
Department of Economics and Finance
Economics of European Union