Cultural integration and cross-cultural management challenges in the Central European Countries: Lithuania and Poland


  • Jolita Greblikaite
  • Włodzimierz SROKA



Purpose (mandatory). The article focused on disclosing the situation of cultural integration in Lithuania and Poland leading to the different issues of cross-cultural management in labour market and companies’ activity.


Design/methodology/approach (mandatory). As the main research method, a critical analysis of scientific literature on cultural integration and cross-cultural management applied in the companies as well as secondary research data and legal documents are analysed focusing on both countries – Lithuania and Poland.  Practical examples’ analysis is based on particular issue of global company ANG activity in Poland. In Lithuania the third countries citizens’ integration in labour market is discussed.


Findings. The main challenges, problems and improvement possibilities in cultural integration and cross-cultural management context in both countries are disclosed. The context of cross-cultural management, in terms of cultural integration and globalisation evaluated focusing terms of companies’ activity in Poland and labour market issues in Lithuania in terms of third countries’ citizens’ integration in it.  


Research limitations/implications (if applicable). The content of the paper implies further empirical research in companies itself in terms of application of cross-cultural management and employment of third countries citizens’ issues in Lithuania and Poland.


Practical implications (if applicable). The research presents actual analysis of legal documents of third countries citizens in Lithuania as well as the tools of improving the situation. Particular issues for companies’ consideration are presented in case of Poland.


Social implications (if applicable). The research presents actuality of cultural integration and cross-cultural management in terms of society and business in Poland and Lithuania integrating different cultural groups and ethnic minorities in labour market of both countries.


Originality/value (mandatory). The paper considers actual and problematic issues in the life of two countries in the frames of national identity and cultural integration’s conjunction and diversity. Some particular issues as labour market and companies’ specificity are analysed. The comparative analysis provides some useful solutions for business and society.







Social Evolution of Europe