• Biruta Sloka University of Latvia, Latvia
  • Kate Čipāne University of Latvia
  • Sergejs Volvenkins iMarketing, Latvia



internet marketing, factors influencing of internet shop choice, preferences on shopping in internet, survey


Recent developments of internet applications and increase in application of various information technologies have supported fast development of internet shopping worldwide and also important topics for academic researchers. Aim of the research: check findings of recent preferences by customers on internet shops and factors for internet shop choice, different aspects on internet shopping and comparisons with academic research results in other countries. Tasks: scientific findings studies and empirical investigations on customer preferences and determining factors for choice of different factors in internet shopping. Research methods used: recent scientific publications studies, studies of statistics on internet shopping development, survey on internet shop choice and on internet shopping in Latvia realised at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. Survey was developed and realised in co-operation with company specialising on internet marketing: iMarketing, University of Latvia and Chamber of Trade and Commerce of Latvia. Respondents were selected randomly in assistance of Chamber of Trade and Commerce of Latvia. Survey was filled in by 2530 respondents. For many aspects in evaluation of opinion of respondents it was used evaluation scale 1 – 10, where evaluation by 1 was - do not agree with the statement; 10 – fully agree with the statement. For data analysis there were used indicators of descriptive statistics: indicators of central tendency or location (arithmetic mean, mode, median, quartiles), indicators of variability (variance, standard deviation, standard error of mean), cross – tabulations, statistical tests of hypotheses, multivariate analyse methods: regression and correlation analysis, analysis of variance (ANOVA), factor analysis and other data analysis methods. Main results and findings of the study, theoretical and practical implications of the work: response rate of respondents was very high in comparison with other surveys; respondents have expressed also their suggestions for internet shopping improvements; respondents have indicated the most attractive internet shops by their views. Main conclusions: increase in internet shopping in Latvia is not increasing so fast as in other countries, customers use also mobile devices for shopping on internet.

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Biruta Sloka, University of Latvia, Latvia

University of Latvia, Department of Management, Professor

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