• Ligita Āzena, Staņislavs Keišs Higher School of Business and Culture


Presently, all over the world and in Latvia there is to be seen a tendency that the territories are competing among themselves on the subject, which one of them and with what offers they will be able to attract tourists, to attach the inhabitants, and to attract entrepreneurs and investors, etc. To make these measures effective, it is necessary to elaborate an appropriate development plan, to create a strategy related to every territory and oriented to satisfaction of certain needs of society. Such strategy requires to be elaborated separately for every group of society or target market, defining precisely the most appropriate offers and the related to them measures. For better understanding of this strategy it is necessary to study the theoretical considerations on the topic of the locality marketing, of the opportunities of its use, and the planning process of the strategy. The marketing approach requires that the territory have to pay a special attention to development of its product in accordance with the needs of society, making use of all its resources and potentials. To provide a more effective marketing impact certain target market groups become singled out in the framework of territorial marketing, such as tourists/visitors, local population/employed, entrepreneurship/ production, export market. Taking into consideration that nowadays the role of the strategies of marketing complex, being implemented worldwide, is growing, the elaboration of them must be related to the real situation, to financial and other opportunities, foreseeing the possible problems beforehand.
What are the nowadays tasks of territorial marketing in the Europe?
Nowadays, there are vast opportunities to develop further the European single market and turn it into the biggest market of the world. Therefore, it is necessary for the territorial development to define new indicators of competitiveness. Strategic planning of the market is a ceaseless process that is oriented to the growing world market and to the adaptation of its requirements. Such approach may be related also to Latvia’s situation. Nowadays in the Europe, the competition is high, and therefore the interest in elaboration of locality marketing strategy increases. The intensifying of localities’ competitiveness is stimulated by different factors of development of the global economy. Therefore, the territories have to increase the level in different areas, for example, in education system, export area, and they have to pay attention to other critical factors to come up against the challenges of global market.






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