Personnel Training EFFICIENCY Evaluation System: Competitive Ability Aspect


  • Asta Stankevičienė, Aušra Liučvaitienė, Agnė Šimelytė Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas


Theoretical premises of personnel training efficiency evaluation as one of the factors establishing competitive ability advantage, while emphasising changes of working productivity, are analysed in this article. The analysis of general competitive ability models and the possible application of prospective in the companies’ competitive ability surveys are necessary when trying to clarify peculiarities of modelling competitive ability as a factor which forms the competitive advantage. Referring to the introduced arguments and analysis of theoretical scientific literature, the possible scheme of competitiveness evaluation is proposed. The provided methodology on the competitive evaluation may be in order to evaluate the competitiveness of a company. The elements of advantageous and efficient activity become weighty criterion assessing the competitive advantage. The criterion assists accurately and explicit of competitive advantage evaluation. In Lithuania, during the period of transformation competitive advantages were formed as a part on impact of such factors as qualified and cheap labour force, cheap raw materials, etc. It is worth while to notice the significance of results evaluation resources used to achieve those results in the methodology. Therefore, examining the personnel’s work efficiency as one of factors which forms the competitive advantage, it should be appropriate to identify the essence and methods of results evaluation and expenditure for resources of work (especially, in investments of personnel training).
Personnel training importance when company‘s competitive ability is established. After analysis of modern attitudes towards personnel training efficiency evaluation it was determined that there is no coherent personnel training efficiency evaluation system. Performed analysis of questionnaire research data on companies’ attitude towards personnel training efficiency evaluation has shown that opinions of the companies also are not completely established. Place of personnel training efficiency evaluation system while evaluating company‘s competitive ability is provided, with a reference to competitive ability and personnel training efficiency evaluation methods. The position of personnel training efficiency evaluation system determined in common evaluation system of competitiveness permits evaluation and not only the impact of material devices on benefit, but also the return on investments in human factor, and the impact on working profitability. The suggested objective of personnel training may have an impact on different levels of evaluation. The proposed integrated training efficiency evaluation system is based on various objectives, levels, criteria, objects and methods in evaluation, and evaluation of the effects. Personnel evaluation system might be used in organizations in which the training is performed, and the system may be the basis of personnel training efficiency evaluation. The training efficiency evaluation acquires the strategic significance in the competitive advantage formation.






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