Exploring Tendencies in Migrants’ Legal Consciousness Research and Uncovering Factors for Socio-Legal Integration


  • Ramunė Miežanskienė Kaunas University of Technology




legal consciousness, migration, integration, legal culture


The current state of scientific discourse on legal consciousness occurs within a range of topics of enquiry. In this scope of research, a trendline of publications emerged which employs a narrower focus on the aspects of migrants‘ legal consciousness. As there were no systematic research aspirations in this particular field, this research explores the current scientific discourse, addresses factors for sociolegal integration and uncovers further paths for scientific enquiry as well. The following investigation adopts a method of systematic literature review which covers the time frame of research of three decades - since 1990 and introduces the main tendencies in scientific research on migrants’ legal consciousness. It addresses their geographical spectrum and reasoning that lead to scientific research. The other task was set to highlight the main factors which were identified to be affecting migrant’s legal consciousness and socio-legal integration as equally. The results of the investigation revealed a relatively small, but growing body of literature exploring migrants’ legal consciousness with a considerably narrow geographical division of the research, concentrating mainly to one continent, and with a dominant focus to national (versus comparative) context. Therefore the current field of scientific literature on migrants’ legal consciousness could benefit from the dissemination of investigations in the varied cultural environments and legal systems, as well as launching comparative studies while addressing a varying legal status. This research indicates a range of factors which plays a role in shaping migrants‘ consciousness, though few of them come into frontline while referring different migrants’ legal status. These include, but are not limited to the list, covering legal framework and social norms or ideals of the host country, as well as the encounter with the institutional sector and cultural heritage.






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