Importance of Integrating SDGs Into Business Process by Telecommunication Operators: Opinion of Estonian Customers


  • Natalie Aleksandra Gurvitš-Suits Tallinn University of Technology
  • Anna-Liiza Lvova Tallinn University of Technology



Agenda 2030, Sustainable development, SDG, telecommunication industry, implementation


Sustainable development is recognized by the United Nations as a challenge for social and economic policy Hughes&Johnston (2005), an urgent call for action by all countries addressing all groups of stakeholders (Mio et al., 2020) and one of the main priorities for business community all over the world (Tsalis et al., 2020). Successful implementation and achievement of these goals should be a result of joint efforts of all countries and nations. And while a general success is observed in case of certain SDGs, others still require joint efforts and cooperation on both national and international level. A vital role is assigned to businesses which can also contribute to achievement of SDGs by integrating them into everyday processes. Purpose: The aim of the research was to reveal the customers opinion on the importance of embedding SDGs by businesses into everyday process in Estonia. The telecommunication operating companies were chosen due to their central role in the modern business world and huge impact on nearly every aspect of society. There was conducted a survey in a form of questionnaire among customers of these companies and 512 responses were collected in a period of September 2020 –February 2021. Results of the study demonstrate stakeholders concern on the achievement of the SDGs and revealed that the embedding of several SDGs: number 3 (good health and well-being), 4 (quality education), 6 (clean water and sanitation), 12 (responsible consumption and production), 15 (life on land) into business process is considered by customers to be the of the highest priority. Authors believe that the study with its findings intends to benefit SDG implementation by business companies in Estonia and provides a pattern for further developments of sustainable policies and strategies. This work provides one of the first studies in Estonia contributing towards understanding of whether businesses are supposed to embed the SDGs into their activities as seen by customers.






Managerial Aspects of European Integration