Possibilities and Restrictions on the Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Security Work in Latvia


  • Vilnis Veinbergs Turība University
  • Ivita Kisnica Turība University




security work, technical support, unmanned aerial vehicles (UA), unmanned aerial systems (UAS), drones


Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have become available not only in the military environment, but to every member of society. They can be effectively used in security work, although, if used unprofessionally, UA can pose a threat to the public or the protected object. The aim of the article is to find evidence that the use of UA for the protection of a security object can be of a technical nature. With the introduction of UA as a part of technical equipment for security work, it would be possible to immediately inspect the guarded object and track and/ or detain persons with criminal intent, or transfer the data obtained by the video camera recording system to the State Police. The primary data of the research was collected using the survey method, where the general set of research was compiled by security companies that have received the required license for the provision of Technical Security by the State Police. The experience of using UAV in Latvia and in the international environment has been analysed using the case study method; secondary data has been obtained from statistical databases and scientific literature, as well as from publicly available sources. The results of the research theoretically reflect the effectiveness of the use of UA and UAS in security work, which will provide an opportunity to reasonably conduct practical research in the security industry environment.






Economics of the European Union