Regional Aspects and Development Opportunities in Bulgaria in the Context of the European Green Deal


  • Kamen Petrov
  • Nikolay Tsonkov University of National and World Economy



fair transition, governance, system, models, regional development, economy, smart systems, information


This article is devoted to the problems and challenges in the implementation of policies for socio-economic transformation of regions in Bulgaria about the European Green Deal. The conceptual change at the European level necessitates the definition of new priorities for the Bulgarian state in its path towards a more equitable transition to a green economy. The main objective of the authors is to analyze and assess the development opportunities and challenges for the Bulgarian economy on the path to a green and equitable transition. The authors examine the economic changes in the Bulgarian regions. The paper defines the methodology of the scientific approach to such research, using the system, network, geographical, cartographic, and comparative methods. The paper outlines the necessity of introducing smart systems at the city and region levels to manage the territory and its development more effectively. Special attention is paid to energy problems and the need for energy transformation in countries like Bulgaria. In addition, the need to strengthen cross-border cooperation in the Balkan region to build integrated models in different sectors and industries to make the transition to a new type of socio-economic development more sustainable and equitable is also recognized.

Keywords:      fair transition, governance, system, models, regional development, economy, smart systems, information.


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